The good new is we'll all be dead.From a review of Michael Novecek's Terra: Our 100-Million-Year-Old Ecosystem--and the Threats that Now Put it at Risk in the November 15, 2007 issue of Nature:
The geological perspective of Terra is bizarrely reassuring. Humans will presumably be gone within a few million years, perhaps sooner. If the past that Novacek describes is a guide to the future, global ecosystem processes will be restored some tens of thousands of years to a million years after our demise, and new forms of life over the ensuing millions of years will exploit the denuded planet we leave behind. Thirty million years on, things will be back to normal, albeit a very different 'normal' from before. It is good the be optimistic. The problem is living here in the meantime.

I think it's safe to say the tree-huggers have gone off the deep end when their view of eutopia is a world without us.