Studio 60: New Best Show on TelevisionAaron Sorkin's new show premiered last night and just the fact that it's Sorkin's show guarentees it's going to be the best show on television. That man is incredible. I'd been eagerly awaiting this for a couple months and it was well worth the wait. Great cast, great premise, and phenomenal dialogue. Though I have to admit, about half-way through the show I was beginning to worry that not enough of the characters would be likeable. One of the best things about The West Wing (Sorkin's previous masterpiece) was that the characters were so smart and idealistic. As unrealistic as that might have been (especially in today's West Wing), it was nice to dream. I like smart people, and I still have a bit of the idealist in me. Anyway, with a show that takes place behind the scenes of a television show, there was the very real possibility that most of the characters would be morally repugnant, vapid and incapable of forming complex thoughts. But no, by the end I was convinced Sorkin had another hit. I can't wait to see where this goes. Check out the promo below. And then join the parade—Mondays at 10pm.