Holly CruikshankMovin' OutA few years ago I had tickets to see Billy Joel and Twila Tharp's Movin' Out in Pittsburgh. Unfortunately, a couple weeks before the show, I totaled my truck and could not make the trip. Very disappointing. But, I'm now living in Sacramento—and so is Movin' Out (at least for this week). I saw the show tonight. I wish I could write a thorough review worthy of this or any other blog. But I'm not much of a writer, so let me just say this: I'm going to see the show again next week. Yes, it was that good. Great music, great musicians, great dances, and gorgeous and phenomenal dancers. The stand out dancer was Holly Cruikshank, who is absolutely mesmerizing with her legs for days. I think I might be going again just to see her, but honestly, the others were very good too.