Be Afraid, Be Very AfraidKing George is trying to install a "thinly-veiled military dictatorship" and he must be stopped. The time for playing politics is past—please fight this.

Andrew Sullivan:
How do I put this in words as clearly as possible. If the U.S. government decides, for reasons of its own, that you are an "illegal enemy combatant," i.e. that you are someone who
has engaged in hostilities or who has purposefully and materially supported hostilities against the United States,

they can detain you without charges indefinitely, granting you no legal recourse except to a military tribunal, and, under the proposed bill, "disappear" and torture you. This is not just restricted to aliens or foreigners, but applies to U.S. citizens as well. It can happen anywhere in the U.S. at any time. We are all at potential risk.

We can and must fight terrorists without sacrificing our own freedoms. If we give up our freedoms, they will have won—no matter how many of them we kill. Call or write your representatives today. Most, if not all, of our representatives have webpages where you can submit your comments directly on line. It's that easy. If you're in California, Senator Boxer can be reached here, Senator Feinstein can be reached here. Check here to find out where your House Reps are.