Signing StatementsThis CNN story reports that the ABA president has issued a statement saying King George's use of signing statements erode our democrcacy.
Bush has had more than 800 signing statement challenges, compared with about 600 signing statements combined for all other presidents (italics added)

Wow! That's quite a jump. One might even call that unusual. But wait:
Noel J. Francisco, a former Bush administration attorney who practices law in Washington, said the president is doing nothing unusual or inappropriate.

Oh, well if you say so.


Blogger Evan Jones  said...

I followed the link on the CNN story and, frankly, find the thought of 410,000 attorneys in Hawaii at the same time to be far more frightening. "The task force's recommendations, being released Monday in Washington, will be presented to the 410,000-member group [the ABA] next month at its annual meeting in Hawaii." I hope they hold that meeting on the Big Island.

Monday, July 24, 2006  

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