Eating My BrainAfter reading Evan's post about living the pre-industrial life, I was reminded of TV Turnoff week last month, which I actually participated in. I like to think of myself as a reasonably intelligent person with rather intellectual interests. I love to read (mostly non-fiction), I love learing just about anything. I try to follow politics, I try to stay abreast of what's going on in the world and I'd much rather discuss the major issues of the day than J Lo's latest fling. And I can't imagine the people on The Tonight Show's Jaywalking segments can actually be that out of touch. All that being said, I know I watch too much TV. I have my favorite shows, The West Wing, House, American Idol (don't knock it Evan), etc. Problem is, I find myself watching far more than my favorites. I will sit in front of the TV flipping away the hours when I know full well there's nothing on worth watching.

And so I decided a week without TV would be good for me. I hoped that I might finally be hit with the deep realization that I'd be so much more productive without that evil boob tube. And I did it. A whole week. Well almost. The weekdays were a breeze. I'd come home, eat dinner and then I'd read. I got so much reading done that week it was awesome. But then the weekend came and I just couldn't wait any longer. I caved and resumed flipping.

Interestingly, the following week I found myself wondering about an episode of House I hadn't seen. I knew I'd seen the previews for it (it looked really good). But I'd just watched the next episode and it wasn't it? What happened, I wondered? Did I forget to watch House and not realize it 'till now? I think it took me at least a day to remember that it aired during TV Turnoff week. I'd completely forgotten. It was as if that week without TV had never happened. My mind buried the experience from my memory. Oh well, I'll catch it on the DVD.

Anyway, I am getting better about being more aware of my TV viewing habits—trying to limit myself to those shows I know I like and avoid channel surfing when I know there's nothing on.

But what if I miss something good? What then?

In a related bit of technology blather, I too thought I'd be one of the last holdouts to get a cell phone. But I finally caved last August. In my defense though, it is my only phone—I don't have a land line. And lately I leave it in the car or at home and leave the the ringer off. So I don't think I should completely lose my Luddite creds just yet.