Thing to be thankful for #6 The rain. Or more specifcally, that the rain has finally coincided with those few hours when I'm neither at work nor asleep. We've been getting record rain in the Sacramento area, but I haven't been able to enjoy it.

Until today. It's a lazy Sunday morning and it's pouring out. I've got the sliders open so I can listen to the rain as I recline on the sofa with my laptop and browse the news and maybe make a dent in the backlog of all the things I've been meaning to blog. This is the life.

Now, having said all that: the rain really does need to abate for a while. The record rain we've been having is not helping the flood control situation. The rivers are already at or near their maximums and have been pounding away at the levee system that keeps Sacramentans dry. Below is an image I found in the Natomas Levee Evaluation Report—I live in that apartment sitting well below the water level. Literally—I can see the levee from my front window. Click on the image to be taken to the full version with captions.
Natomas Levee
So as much as I love the rain, we really do need a break so the area can dry out a bit and make room for the coming snow melt otherwise I'm going to be underwater soon.