Studio 60 On The Sunset StripI just read that the genius behind West Wing, Aaron Sorkin, finally has another television show in the works: Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip. (Note: It turns out this isn't really news in the sense of being new info, but it's news to me.) I'm ecstatic. Back in the early days when Aaron Sorkin was still with the show, West Wing was the best drama in the history of television. So good in fact that I still watch all these years later despite its decline. Whatever his other problems (i.e drug addiction), Sorkin is a brilliant writer (in addition to West Wing, he created Sports Night, A Few Good Men, and The American President) and I've longed for the day when he'd be back at it. And to top it off, it appears the new show will feature many of West Wing's best actors—they just need the get Allison Janey and I'll be on cloud nine.

For updates, check out this blog devoted to news of the show.