The Supreme Court on Monday let stand a lower court decision that said the president could order a U.S. citizen arrested in this country for suspected ties to terrorism to be held indefinitely without being charged or facing trial.

One Step CloserJose Padilla is an American citizen. He was arrested in 2002 and held for over three years without charge or trial. All the administration did was declare him an enemy combatant and the constitution disappears. And the Supreme Court just let it happen—how fucking stupid are these people?

Why the hell aren't more people outraged by this? Can't they see where this is leading? Mr. Padilla may be guilty of the most heinous crimes and may deserve to rot in prison for the rest of his wretched life. But the salient point is, we don't know that. All we know is what the administration tells us. They don't have to present evidence. They don't have to charge him. They don't have to give him a trial by a jury of his peers. They don't have to do anything. Where are the checks and balances? Where is the democracy?

You may sit at home and feel your rights are secure because, well, you're not terrorist. But you're not safe. It doesn't matter whether you're a terrorist. All that matters is that the president say you are--no trial, no judge, no jury, no evidence—your word against the Federal Government. You lose.

You may feel safe because, well, you're an American citizen. You have the constitution to protect you. Bull. Jose Padilla is an American citizen and the constitution didn't do jack shit for him. This administration has taken what once was the foundation of our freedoms and turned it into a worthless piece of paper. Bush ought to hold a press conference at the National Archives and just wipe his ass with it.

I apologize for the harsher language of this post, but I just can't help it.