McKinney's The FoolCNN has a video clip, in which Cynthia McKinney is seen at a local press conference where she's confronted with several questions she doesn't want to deal with. After she leaves, she doesn't realize her microphone is still on and calls one of her aides a fool. After realizing her mic is on, she returns to the press room and informs the media that anything their audio recorded while she wasn't seated in front of them is to be considered "off the record" and that they are not to use it. They do. Who's the fool now? Note: I couldn't find the direct link, but it's in CNN free video library.


Blogger Kieran  said...

Couldn't find it unfortunately. Reminds of the time Bush had his little microphone indisgression, and also of Prince Charles when the TV mic picked him describing the BBC's Royal Correspondent, something of a national instituion, as "that ghastly man". Still, nothing beats Berlusconi who doesn't do these things shyly, describing a German MEP in his first address to the EU as a concentration camp guard. Diplomacy at its best.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006  

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