Wet RaccoonLet Me InAh, how I love the rain. Though I love it even more from the other side of the window. From the looks of it, so does Mr. Raccoon. Even as a child I loved any sort of weather most others considered gloomy—be it rain or thick fog. That's about the extent of the "weather" we would get in Los Osos and Morro Bay where I grew up. Because of the persistent fog and frequent rain, many knew it as Los Grossos. My father being one of them. He hated the weather on the Central Coast and could never understand why I liked it so much. Of course, now that he lives in New York and I'm back in California, he's starting to realize how good he once had it.

One of the simple pleasures in life (well, my life anyway) is sitting in a comfortable chair next to an open sliding glass door listening to the rain outside. I'm getting chills down my back just thinking about it. Fortunately, we've had one of the wettest Marchs in Sacramento history. Unfortunatey, I haven't taken nearly enough time to enjoy it—maybe this evening.

Giving credit where it's due: this picture was originally posted on Flickr by Protection Island. I just recropped it slightly to fit better into this post.