Why We TipIn recent months, I have adopted a no-tipping policy for delivery drivers. A while back, I asked myself, "What is this tip for?" and I couldn't come up with a reasonable answer. So I stopped tipping delivery drivers. Unlike in a restaurant, the driver doesn't check back with you periodically to see how things are or ask if you need more napkins and they don't clean up your mess. They deliver an item for which you have paid full fare. Furthermore, you either pay extra for the delivery (I just paid $2.16 to get a pizza delivered) or they advertise free delivery as if it's some great promotion. So why exactly is it customary to tip delivery drivers?

Bear in mind, I'm speaking as someone who once delivered pizzas. The best part of the job (second only to all the free pizza) was the big wad of sweaty cash I got to take home every night. But I don't know what I did to earn those tips--I was paid an hourly wage plus a generous per-delivery mileage allowance.

I've always been one to correlate tips with service. So in a restaurant, I believe the tip should reflect the level of service. And I think I'm a generous tipper, usually leaving 20% for good service, but I won't hesitate to leave no tip if the service is really bad (which that is rare). With pizza delivery, the level of service should not be an issue, because there is no service (aside from what you're already paying for).

Anyway, that my 20%.