Update to DeathI just called back east to talk to my grandparents. My grandmother seemed to be in relatively good spirtis--all things considered. They are putting my grandfather on a more nutritious diet (he's on a feeding tube) hoping that it'll put some weight on him. I did get to talk to him for a about a minute. His speech is so slurred I can barely understand him and I'm not sure he could hear me. And that was hard. As I mentioned earlier, I didn't grow up around him, but I can specifically recall him at my aunt Maura's wedding and my dad's second wedding--he was one of the more lively dancers. Whooping it up with the grandkids and entertaining everyone around him. I remember him working in his workshop, making craft that grandma would paint for the family. I remember him cleaning the pool so everyone else could get a break from the hot, humid New York summers. And now he can hardly get out of bed or even talk. It just doesn't seem right. Death I can handle, but suffering--what purpose does that serve?