Thing to be thankful for #3...Evan and Amie, for redesigning my blog. They designed my original blog about a year or two ago and have been consistent readers ever since--though I haven't been a very consistent blogger. Well, recently I've gottten back into blogging full steam and that led me to ask Evan/Amie about a slight design change. They returned a completely redesigned site (actually it still maintains aspects of the old, but it's a significant upgrade—Hey Paul 2.0). I'm overwhelmed. Honestly, I can't even remember what change I originally wanted (maybe something about the blockquotes). Anyway, the whole thing is great. Evan does the coding and has enormous patience with my incessant questions and requests for further tweaks. Amie does the artistic design and has slightly less patience for my own tweaks of her finished work. But they're both great. Thanks guys—the goodies should ship out on Monday.

P.S. For all I know, Evan may have artisitc input and Amie may help with the coding.