OscargateI know I'm commenting on this late in the game, but what's the deal with all the fuss about the Oscars. Brokeback fans are getting all pissy because they didn't win. Some are claiming the Academy is homophobic--which is hard to believe considering Hollywood is one of the most liberal sectors of society. Some are claiming that Crash won because Academy voters secretly felt guilty about their hidden prejudices. Crash fans are crying fowl, saying their time in the spotlight is being stolen by a bunch of sore losers.

My question is why the hell should anyone care? We're talking about movies, for God's sake. Not even movies, but silly awards. How many of these crying ninnies even remember who won last year? It's time for these nimrods to pull their heads out of the asses and take a reality check. There are more important issues to confront than who the hell deserves a damn Oscar.