For a movie buff, who never goes to the movies anymore and therefore only saw one of the Best Picture nominees this year (Crash), I rather enjoyed the Academy Awards. I'm a big Jon Stewart fan anyway and thought he did great job as emcee. I was glad to see that no single film swept the Awards and was pleased with all the winners--with the possible exception of the Best Supporting Actess win for Junebug. But then, I haven't seen the movie yet, so what do I know.

What was up with Lauren Bacall? I couldn't tell if it was age or if she just couldn't read the teleprompter. I thought she might just give up right there on live TV. Don't these people rehearse?

I have to disagree with a couple of Andrew Sullivan's critiques. As I said, I thought Stewart was great. Yeah, so the Kodak audience wasn't always with him, and maybe Stewart didn't realize how seriously they take themselves. But then, they probably take themselves too seriously--they make movies, not foreign policy.

And, like I said earlier, I liked what Clooney had to say. For weeks now, all the talking heads have been saying how out of touch Hollywood is, how it's not mainstrean, how it's too liberal, how middle America doesn't care. My question is, who care if anybody cares? Are these pundits concerned that Hollywood isn't making enough money? Or that the ratings for the Awards will be too low? What gives? So what if nobody cares or watches. This is a time for the Academy to award people they think do great work--not people they think middle America will approve of. Isn't that what the People's Choice Awards are for--letting the viewing audience honor their favs? And for a group of people (the talking heads) who think Hollywood is so out of touch with mainstream America, they sure do spend a lot of airtime talking about Hollywood.

Anyway, that's my twelve cents. In other news, I thnk I'm really going to try to see all the nominees this coming year before the Awards ceremony. For years now, I watch the awards wishing I could root for more winners, but I usually don't see any of the films 'til long after it's all over. And I'm someone who loves movies--just not going to the movies (or at least the high price of going to the movies, and the ringing cellphones, and the crying babies, etc).