Since I’ve starting blogging again, I’ve been thinking that I’d like to keep at it this time. I’m not exactly sure what I get out of this, but I enjoy doing it and I think writing is good for the mind (crazy idea, I know). But blogging consistently means I need to figure out what I want this too be, what do I want to write about, what don’t I want to write about. In the past it’s been a rather haphazard collection of interesting links and rants about politics and religion and culture. I like ranting, so I think I’ll keep that part, though I’d like to see the rants mutate into reasoned essays (or at least statements). Not that I’ve been irrational in the past (God no!!!!), but I’d like to be more thorough in the future. But give it time.

I think I’d also like to start writing more personal entries, about where my mindset comes from, why I care about the things I do, and just what I’m feeling. This will be harder for me as I’m inherently introverted (and shy to boot). See this excellent essay by Jonathan Rauch for more on introverts. Why would I do this if I’m so introverted? I don’t really know, I just think it will be good for me. So for my first post in this vein, I will write about my own religious background (yes, even I have a religious background) and how I came to my current agnosticism—so stay tuned.