Is it time to impeach George W. Bush? Whenever I hear the idea mentioned, I can't help but think it's politically motivated--Republicans went after Clinton, so now it's the Democrats turn. But with each passing usurpation of power by this president it becomes increasingly clear that our constitution is dying. And if something isn't done soon, it may be too late. Bush has already declared that the government can arrest any American citizen and hold them for eternity without charge or trial (all they have to do is declare them an enemy combatant and their constitutional rights disappear). Bush has cleary stated that Congress has no authority to limit his war powers (i.e. his response to the McCain torture amendment). Clearly, Bush believes there is no limit to what he can do in the name of national security and fighting the war on terror. What's to stop Bush from indefinitely postponing the next presidential election in the name of national security (and effectively installing himself as dictator). Who will stop him? It seems the political left is onto him (though it's sometimes hard to distinguish genuine constitutional concern from political posturing). When will the right, or at least the vast middle, open their eyes to what is happening? We must defend ourselves against terrorism, but we must also defend ourselves against tyranny. Many dictators were originally democratically elected. Tyranny doesn't happen overnight.