if you have your own homemade tattoo equipment.
Authorities have jailed two men after they allegedly held down a teenager and tattooed an obscene phrase onto his forehead.

Kenneth Peer, 23, of South New Berlin and a 17-year-old from Earlville were being held in lieu of $25,000 bail on charges of felony assault and unlawful imprisonment.

Cops said they used a homemade tattoo gun to embed the obscenity in black ink in the skin of the 17-year-old victim's forehead.

The pair held the victim down at a Norwich home while they tattooed him, police said.

The mortified teen walked into the police station Friday to report the crime, and police arrested the suspects Saturday.

The teen, whose name wasn't released, will need plastic surgery or a laser process to remove the ink, police said.

Nothing all that out of the ordinary about any of this--typical redneck behavior, if you ask me. I mention it only becuase it took place in Norwich, NY--my birthplace. Thank God I got outta there and now live safely entrenched in blue territory.


Blogger Evan Jones  said...

This reminds me of an incident that occurred just outside the Cal Poly San Luis Obispo campus, not far from the Motel Inn that you wrote about yesterday. This was sometime in the mid-60s. A friend of mine, a potter by trade, but the kind of potter who has an MFA from UCI, broke down just after the Cuesta grade. He was driving an old (even then) VW bus. He was headed home to Orange County from Oregon, and had already had a rather interesting trip. He got out of jail early that morning in Redding, where he had stopped the day before just long enough to have breakfast, breathe the fresh air, an be arrested for vagrancy. Yes, he had money in his wallet, proper identification, and a means of transportation, but he made the mistake of pausing just long enough to admire his surroundings. He was arrested for being a hippie. Now, being a hippie wasn’t exactly a crime, but they made it a practice to arrest all hippies just long enough—in his case, until early the next morning—to let them know, and to encourage them to spread the word, that Redding was not a good place for hippies to end up. So, when the bus broke down just after the grade, he was not only tired, but very discouraged as well. As luck would have it, a group of Cal Poly Engineering students happened to notice him. One by one, they went off to fetch tools, parts, jack. Before long, out of the goodness of their hearts—that’s why we love this place so much—they had him up and running. He shook their hands and thanked them. Then, for good measure, they held him down and shaved his head. He doesn’t drive up to Oregon much anymore. “It’s a really long drive,” he says, “when you’re afraid to stop.”

Tuesday, March 29, 2005  

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