Posting has been light as of late and it's not likely to pick up anytime soon. Things here are getting very busy--in a good way--and I just don't have as much free time as I used to.

Though I do have an update on the "acts of hate" here at Penn State. As to be expected, the Black Caucus had lots of demands for the administration.
One of the demands Black Caucus is making for its members are "annual stipends in the amount of six full tuitions" as well as "an annual budget for the maintenance and expansion of all its current programming."

Yeah, that's sure to end racism. Affirmative action isn't enough, they shouldn't have to pay for their educations like the rest of us? Bite me. Keep in mind that the Black Caucus is just one of approximately 600 student orgizations on campus--all of which get their funding from student activity fees. As a graduate students who never even sees a tuition bill, none of this really matters to me. But the libertarian in me has always thought the university should just eliminate student fees altogether and let the students fund whatever organizations they choose. If you support the College Democrats, send some cash their way; likewise with the the College Republicans. Or the Black Caucus, or any other group.

I find this whole thing laughable, especially this little bit:

[Black Caucus Vice President] Gray originally said caucus members would issue a response to the university in the early evening via the group's Web site.

However, at deadline last night, Secretary Kwamena Entsuah said the group would only issue a reaction to the university's comments on the condition that The Daily Collegian include a direct link to its Web site in this story.

The Collegian's policy is not to allow sources to dictate news content.
Way to go, Collegian.