On the plane ride home the other day, I read some interesting, if disconcerting, tidbits in Atlantic magazine, including a bit about how and why smart women don't fare so well in the marraige arena. Apparently, many men prefer to be with women who they see as below them in status, at least in the workplace. This according to a study in Evolution and Human Behavior. And another study by some British universities found that intelligence reduces the odds of marragie--by as much as 60 percent for every 15 IQ points above normal.

What I want to know is what is wrong with these men who prefer to be with subordinate airheads. I have never once thought that to be attractive. In fact, I find it very difficult to separate a woman's perceived intelligence from my assesment of their physical attractiveness. For instance, I'd much rather be with a Meryl Streep or a Helen Hunt than a Teri Hatcher or Jennifer Aniston. While the first two are physically beautiful to be sure, I don't think they are primanly known for being sexpots either--but their intelligence makes them so much more alluring than the latter. To be fair, Hatcher and Aniston may be brilliant--I am of course judging solely from their frequent screen personas.

Looks will fade--even in Hollywood. Anyday of the week I'd take someone who can hold an conversation over the latest covergirl. Of course, a few have it both ways--a la Angie Harmon.


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You may be among the few who view the topic in this manner. I have often heard men talk about having a "trophy wife" as opposed to having a wife who they see as their equal. They are so blinded by the Hollywood scene that their brains no longer seem to function on a logical level (at least the brain in their head). As to how a man can be happy with a woman who is only functional on a physical level is beyond me. I was at a bachlorette party one night and we had a stripper come in for the party. This man was very good looking, until he opened his mouth. As soon as he stared talking he lost all appeal to most of us in the room. Then again what do I know since I am only a mere woman myself? Just kidding.

If you consider it wrong to want to have a mate who boots your ego because of their physical beauty alone, then I highly agree with you. I am sick of hearing and seeing on TV what I am supposed to look like so I can find a suitable husband. I am never going to be a size 4 bombshell of a woman. I will always however, be able to express my OWN opinion about a topic and discuss it in a rational manner.

I will give you that your Angie Harmon is a beautiful woman, but I have nothing to go on in terms of her intelligence.

Sunday, March 20, 2005  

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