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Went out looking to take some photos the other day. I really need to try and be disciplined and give myself an assignment, otherwise I end up taking the same photos over and over again. I need to stretch myself. I guess that's the bane of every amatuer photog.

Anyway, I end up out at the Boalsburg War Memorial. Got a few good shots I think. Check 'em out on flickr. This photo here is one I played around with in Photoshop.

Anyway, while there, I was perusing the various markers for soldiers killed in action. I guess I shouldn't be surprised but many of them had been defaced. People had scraped illegible words all over them. Sometimes not even words, just random scribbles. What kind of person does this sort of thing? I assume it was kids, though maybe I shouldn't be so quick to cast blame. These men gave their lives defending democracy and freedom around the world. All that we have today is because these men and millions like them were brave enough to run head on into enemy fire. Yeah, it's easy to forget about all that as we go through our lives full of contentment. But, it takes an especially low level of depravity to stand in front of these markers--tombstones in effect--and not see that.