Not that it matters what I think of the Terry Schiavo case, but everyone else seems to be commenting, so here's my two cents. As in everything in life, I think there are legitimate concerns on both sides of this. Terry's immediate family obviously loves their daughter and want her to live. I would not be surprised is their deep love for her is causing them to read what may really be random eye movements and such as actual communication. I know the doctors are split on what she is capable of and whether or not she's in a persitant vegetative state. As for the husband, my understanding was that he's been offered a great deal of money to give custody over to the parents--in fact more money than he'd get out of any remaining settlement. Which leads me to believe that he might really be trying to fulfill Terry's wishes. But then there's the fact that he apparently didn't mention Terry's wishes not to be kept alive on life support 'til seven years after the accident.

So there are legitmate concerns on both sides here. As for Congress, I believe they are using this for politcal gain and that's disgusting. I've lost track of the number of times I've heard one of these blowhards yammer on about how they just want to make sure all the facts are considered properly. Uhhh, hasn't this this been in the courts for like ten years now and gone through something like nineteen different judges? Have they not considered every aspect of this case from every possible angle? Please--this is all about political gain and nothing to do with any actaul concern for Terry or even jurispridence.

That having been said, I do think there ought to be a presumption towards life and that it ought to be codified in law. If you want to ensure that you're not kept alive artificially, then you can find yourself a lawyer and write up a living will specifying your wishes. And if that means you want to be left alone to die at the slightest injury, that ought to be your perogative. But, if you haven't specified, I think it's dangerous to assume that anybody else knows or can speak to your wishes.