Another interesting tidbit from Atlantic magazine reported from a Cornell University study that showed the more religious an American is, the more likely they are too distrust American Muslims.
For instance, 42 percent of the highly religious (versus 15 percent of citizens who are "not very religious") believe that American Muslims should have to register their whereabouts with the government; 34 percent (versus 13 percent) say that U.S. mosques should be monitored; and 40 percent (versus 19 percent) look favorably on government infiltration of Islamic civic and volunteer organizations.

The Bible does teach Christians to love thy neighbor, but apparently it hasn't taken hold. Maybe the religious should spend a bit more time studying the US Constitution--it's got a few pearls of wisdom too.

Interestingly, the "highly religious" are also significantly more distrusting of American Muslims the more TV news they watch, whereas the "not very religious" are slightly more trusting with increased news coverage. Gee, could that be because the religious watch nothing but the incredibly biased FOX?


Blogger Evan Jones  said...

The pastor of the local church where Amie and I came from taught that “love thy neighbor” was a common misconception. The Bible teaches Christians to love their fellow Christians. The non-Christians are all going to Hell anyway, so what would the point be in loving them? The Bible would not ask you to do something stupid. Also, if you’re really a Christian, then you’re living among fellow Christians, and THEY are your neighbors. This was Orange County, California. No one objected. Also, at one of his Bible studies he told people that he had heard that a Buddhist temple in Garden Grove was looking to buy some land to build a retreat center on. He cautioned everyone to be unfriendly and uncooperative towards them. He said that after they left the whole property should be gone over to look for any holes they might have dug. What they do is to bury these little Buddha statues in the ground as a way of claiming the land for Buddha and away from Christ. Just like the Devil Worshipers. Again, no one objected. He moved on to bilk another church somewhere in Oregon, I think. I can only imagine what a field day he’s having with them Eye Raki Satinists. In the wonderful words of Edward Abbey [A Voice Crying in the Wilderness (Vox Clamantis in Deserto): Notes From a Secret Journal] “Beauty is only skin deep; ugliness goes all the way through.”

Sunday, March 20, 2005  

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