Maybe I'm biased because I think baseball is incredibly boring--I mean who wants to watch a bunch of grown men spit and scratch themselves for 5 hours--but I can't help but think Congress has bigger issues than saving baseball from steroids. Like fixing Social Security, or provinding affordable healthcare to the millions of children whose parents are too damned irresponsible to provide for them, or ensuring a decent education to every child regardless of income? Maybe they could work on election reform, or find ways to cut pork barrel spending. Why the hell is baseball an issue for Congress? Drug use is already illegal--for reasons beyond me--isn't that enough? Can't fans decide for themselves if this is something they care about and deal with it accordingly? Like go on strike--the players do it, why not the fans? With all the problems facing us today, this is what our elected officials devote their time to? What more evidence do we need that government has grown way to freakin' big for it's own good. It's lost sight of its purpose.

Maybe when they get through with baseball, they can address hockey. Or maybe they can subpoena Joe Paterno and find out what's become of the once mighty Penn State? Or how 'bout a round of subpoenas for Academy voters to find our why Martin Scorsese hasn't won an Oscar yet? Gimme a break.