This morning on the Today Show I heard this story of a 911 dispather (henceforth referred to as "Asswipe") who responded to an emergency phone call with the words, "Yeah, too bad." And then hung up. When called a second time, Asswipe responded, "Help will get there. Shouldn't be playing games." Only on the third call was a different dispather reached who then proceeded to help the caller. The emergency was a motorcycle accident and the rider died a week later.

Now after a year of investigating, Asswipe has been suspended without pay for 15 days for his "error in judgement." And the damn police union has the audacity to claim that's too harsh.

First of all, why the hell does it take a year to investigate this incident. The call is recorded. Someone calls 911 frantic for help and Asswipe tells them, "Yeah, too bad." What more do we need to know? Asswipe ought to fired for good--at minimum--and have his pension completely revoked. Then he ought to be dragged through civil court for every dime he owns.

On what planet is this outrageous behavior a simple "error in judgement?" If Asswipe had responded by sending a firetruck instead of an ambulance; THAT would have been an error. This was no error. This was a blatant disregard for the safety of the very people who pay his salary.

As for the police union--how fucking stupid and arrogant can they be? Sorry for the foul language today, but this really hit a nerve. I recognize the vast majority of police officers are brave men and women, many of whom put their lives on the line everyday for our safety. Asswipe isn't one of them. Asswipe gives every other officer a bad name and the police union ought to be clamoring for his dismissal. Not protecting this thug.

Anyway, I'm done fuming. For now.