Roger Ebert on P.S.
As for "P.S." and the new F. Scott (Topher Grace), there's little doubt in the mind of Louise Harrington (Laura Linney) about what she should do, which is to take him home in the middle of the afternoon so they can have safe sex immediately. That she is a Columbia University admissions officer and he is a student applying for admission creates an ethical conflict, but should ethics stand in the way of earthshaking metaphysical lust? We would all agree that ethics certainly should not, although of course if a 39-year-old male admissions officer were to sleep with a 20-year-old female applicant, castration would be too good for the fiend.

Funny how that works. Anyway, I saw this movie last night. Being the huge movie buff that I am, I've often thought it would be great to write movie reviews--at first just for my blog, then maybe someday for a local paper. However, I can never seem to collate enough thoughts on any given movie except whether I liked it or not. I liked P.S. but I need to see it again to really figure out what I think of it. I was initially disappointed because I was expecting something a bit more upbeat. This it was not. But it was certainly interesting and I'm predisposed to like anything with both Laura Linney and Topher Grace. So I will give it the benefit of another viewing sans my skewed expectations.