Apparently, Omarosa, the diva from the first season of the Apprentice--the one who may have lost the whole thing for Kwame Jackson--thinks the show is edited in such a way to propagate negative black stereotypes. If she's so concerned with how African-Americans are portrayed on television, why'd she behave like such an egomaniacal neurotic nutjob? Here's my favorite Omarosa quote, speaking of fellow contestant Tara:
She's well-behaved, well-spoken, she doesn't argue with anybody....and she is getting absolutely no air time.
Well, duh. It's a freakin' TV show. Who wants to see a bunch of well-behaved, non-confrontational bores? Nobody. So instead, they show us Omarosa having temper tantrums and telling bald-face lies. And ratings soar. It doesn't take an MBA to figure that one out. So what's Omarosa's problem? Oh yeah, she LOST.