National Geographic recently (August '04--ok, not so recent) had a cover article asking, "Why are Americans so fat?" Not surprisingly, the answer turns out to be that we eat too much and don't exercise enough. Also not surprising is that there are people advocating for a government level solution to this epidemic--which of course gets my libertarian undies in a ruffle. Will we ever get it into our thick skulls that government is never the solution to any problem--ever? There isn't a damned thing the government can do that the private sector or individuals can't to better. I understand why I should care if I'm overweight, but I don't see why I should care if anyone else is overweight, or even obese. Ah, you say the large overweight/obese population puts undue stress on the "system" (namely healthcare) and that costs all of us. Well, how 'bout instead of expanding the "system" to prevent people from burdoning it, why don't we just scrap the whole thing and let everyone fend for themselves? You can't very well overload a safety net that isn't there. I know, I'm heartless, but I'm so sick of big government and all that it sucks out of the people. Our country has achieved its greatness because of the freedom it affords individuals--freedom to think, to write, to speak, to invent, to explore--not through any bureaucratic program.