The wacky square yellow SpongeBob is one of the stars of a music video due to be sent to 61,000 U.S. schools in March. The makers -- the nonprofit We Are Family Foundation -- say the video is designed to encourage tolerance and diversity......Christian groups however have taken exception to the tolerance pledge on the foundation's Web site
Can these bigots find nothing better to do than spread hate and intolerance? Like combating poverty, embracing the needy, treating the sick? How 'bout spreading the message of Christ? What was that? Question? Which of the following will you not find in the Bible? God hates Fags or Love your neighbor as yourself. Is is just me, or does it always seem like it's the religious people of the world who are fomenting hate. You know they always say "hate the sin, love the sinner" but they can't seem to make the distinction. Maybe hate and love can't coexist. Maybe they could try first loving the sinner, then dealing with the perceived sins. Ah, but it's so much easier to hold a placard and spew venom than to reach out a hand to someone different than yourself. If I remember correctly, Christ had plenty of contact with all sorts of sinners. And didn't he always embrace them with love? The only time I remember Christ getting angry with anyone was when they had turned the temple into a marketplace. Seems the church has come a long way, and that's too bad. By focusing more and more each day on all the sins the rest of us are commiting and less and less on spreading Christ's message of love, the Church is making itself obsolete.


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I think it's more a point of "what are they teaching our children?" than "God hates Fags."

There is a large element in this country who are tired of being told that they need to keep their religious views in the closet and then being told that they have to accept the schools teaching their children openly to embrace lifestyles that they find immoral. And, where do you draw the line?

"Class, this is Tommy. He just moved here from Idaho. Tommy collects stamps, likes to play video games and his sexual preference is bestiality. Does anyone in the class know what bestiality is? Debbie...?"

I realize there is a small but vocal minority who want to take the "family values" notion a bit too far. I'm not particularly in favor of abortion, but I will fight to defend your right to have one. On the other hand, I don't think it's right to spend my tax money on abortions for women using it as a method of birth control.

I'm not particularly fond of the idea of my son's teacher telling him that it's perfectly normal and moral to be gay, either. I don't have any beefs with gay people and I don't really have a moral judgement of their lifestyle, I just think that this is a conversation best left to me and my son.

Monday, January 24, 2005  

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