Here's some good news for those of us who haven't completely surrendered our brains to the religious right.
A federal judge in Atlanta, Georgia, has ruled that a suburban county school district's textbook stickers referring to evolution as "a theory not a fact" are unconstitutional.
In U.S. District Judge Clarence Cooper's ruling, he states:
"the distinction of evolution as a theory rather than a fact is the distinction that religiously motivated individuals have specifically asked school boards to make in the most recent anti-evolution movement, and that was exactly what parents in Cobb County did in this case....By adopting this specific language, even if at the direction of counsel, the Cobb County School Board appears to have sided with these religiously motivated individuals....[the sticker] sends a message that the school board agrees with the beliefs of Christian fundamentalists and creationists....The school board has effectively improperly entangled itself with religion by appearing to take a position....Therefore, the sticker must be removed from all of the textbooks into which it has been placed."
Thank you Your Honor.