Well, this is it--2005. I know blogging has been light as of late--I've been on vacation in California and will not be back home for a few more days. But I just felt I needed to start the year off with a post. I do plan on making some new years resolutions--for better or worse--but I'm not going to start 'till I'm off vacation. I know that's cheating, but that's what vacations are all about. Plus, I've yet to decide what resolutions to make. There are definite changes I want to make--probably even some big ones--but I need to sit down and really think about how I want to go about this whole thing. I don't see any point of making resolutions I'm not going to keep, so I'm gonna be somewhat lawyerly (if that's even a word) in the phrasing of them.

One thing I definitely have to do is get crackin' on my degree. I'm looking to finish up sometime in the summer. It's do-able (is that really a word?) but it's going to take a big push on my part. I've always been a procrastinator, but have also always managed to get things done. However, I have the sinking suspicion that writing a Ph.D. dissertation is not the sort of thing you can be put off 'till the last minute. So it's time to put some of my hobbies on hold for a while and focus. Put in lots of long days and nights, cut down on the tutoring, and bust a move. Because I have been in school way too long already and have racked up enough debt for a lifetime.

Give me a few days to finish my vacation and think about the rest of my resolutions and I'll be back to regular posting when I get back. In the meantime, kottke has lots of great links (as always) and dooce has linked to lots of wonderful women of the blogosphere. Or you could always check out my latest vacation pics on flickr. Enjoy.