At a high school basketball game in Vermont, the final score was a whopping 5-2; with the winning three pointer scored in the second quarter. That's right folks, not a single single point was scored in the entire second half. And the losing team only made one shot--in a hour. I guess they thought they were playing hockey. Even more amazing, apparently that was their strategy going into the game--score once and just hang onto the ball for an hour (in Vermont, there's no shot clock). I imagine the fans were either livid or it was a laugh riot. I don't know, but something about this just doesn't sound like sport.


Blogger Tulip  said...

Sounds like a K.C. Chiefs football game I once sat through. The final score: K.C. 7, Chicago 0. I sat in the stands for 3 hours in 30 degree weather, wind blowing for that excitement! I did win 70 bucks out of it though. I gew the number 7 for the score in the first half and second. The last digit of the two scores added up had to be 7. So I guess it was a good thing.

Saturday, January 15, 2005  

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