I don't have anything to post today because I've been working on developing a new blogger template. I've seen too many with the "blue dots" template and I decided I want mine to be original. Or at least more original than it is now. So I set up a betablog so to speak where I can tweak with the template. When I get it the way I want, I'll transfer that template over here. I found some cool templates over at noipo.org that gave me some good ideas. OK, more than just good ideas--I'm using one of theirs, but I'm adding my own images, colors, fonts, etc. and making other tweaks to boot. I like it.

When I get a chance, I'm going to try and post again on parenting and television. My earlier post prompted Evan Jones to write a nice piece on television as well. It was a typical Evan Jones post--meandering nostalgia and lots of tiny details a la Nicholas Baker--that's a compliment in case you've never read Baker. But it made me think I need to clarify my position a bit. More to come.