It seems of the 240,000 indecency complaints received by the FCC last year, fully 99.8% were from one group--the Parents Television Council. The FCC does not monitor television content for fear of being seen as a national censor--instead they respond only to incoming complaints and dish out fines accordingly. Granted, the FCC actually investigates the complaints for actual decency violations, but they've effectively let the PTC don the robe of national censor.

Why do we need a national censor? We're all adults--can't we decide what we will and won't watch? Oh, but the innocent children you say? Don't they have parents? If you're too pathetic to regulate what you're children watch, you shouldn't have children. And no, I don't have kids, so I don't know what it's like to raise a bunch of rugrats and work full time, yada yada yada. But I was once a child myself and I remember the control my parents had (or could've had) over me. You don't need a padlock on the TV, you don't need a V-chip. You don't need a TV. Gasp.

Why are so many people so eager to have Big Brother step into their homes and run their lives? For a country that supposedly prides itself on its independent spirit, we sure are a bunch of helpless crybabies. We need to stop turning to government to solve all our problems, scrape our ass off the couch and take the kids to the park or the library. Or put them up for adoption.