Also in the NYT this morning is a great essay on the internet browser war between Mozilla's Firefox and Microsoft's Internet Explorer. Judgement: Firefox by a landslide--just give it time.
For the first time, Internet Explorer has been losing market share. According to a worldwide survey conducted in late November by, a company in Amsterdam that analyzes the Web, Internet Explorer's share dropped to less than 89 percent, 5 percentage points less than in May. Firefox now has almost 5 percent of the market, and it is growing.
And I loved this little tidbit:
Gary Schare, Microsoft's director of product management for Windows, has been assigned the unenviable task of explaining how Microsoft plans to respond to the Firefox challenge with a product whose features were last updated three years ago. He has said that current users of Internet Explorer will stick with it once they take into account "all the factors that led them to choose I.E. in the first place." Beg your pardon. Choose? Doesn't I.E. come bundled with Windows?

Mr. Schare has said that Mozilla's Firefox must prove it can smoothly move from version 1.0 to 2.0, and has thus far enjoyed "a bit of a free ride." If I were the spokesman for the software company that included the company's browser free on every Windows PC, I'd be more careful about using the phrase "free ride."

Get Firefox!


Blogger JusticeE.R.  said...

I just switched to Mozilla's Firefox - everyone should give it a try - I will never go back Internet Explorer. Long live Mozilla!

Sunday, December 19, 2004  

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