Turkey Head Shot, originally uploaded by Hey Paul.

This post is to serve as proof that I am actually in California--although I'm not sure it really does that. See the latest additions to my flickr photostream for more proof. So for so great.

I got in last night after the longest six hour flight of my life. I couldn't believe my watch but after watching two full movies, we still had another two hours to go before landing in San Francisco (from Washington Dulles). The movies? Shark Tale and First Daughter. Shark Tale was disappointing. The humor was too juvenile and the characters too simple to be enjoyed by an adult, and yet there were many elements of the film that just weren't appropriate for children. First Daugter, while not the next Citizen Kane, was definitely worth watching if only for Katie Holmes.

As for the turkeys? I took a leisurely drive out to Lopez Lake today and was pleasantly surprised to come upon this pack of wild turkeys roaming the campsites. I pulled over to take some pictures--trying very hard to be quiet and move slowly so as not to scare them away--when all of sudden I had this pack of thirty or so turkeys running towards me. I think they thought I had food. They milled about for a while, realized I wasn't going to let them eat my camera, and they went on their way. I may have to go back soon just to feed them. So cool--I think this bodes well for the rest of the trip.