Day two in California went off without a hitch. I could not have asked for better weather. Hiked up Bishop's Peak--absolutely beautiful hike. It seemed every time I turned a corner there was a whole new vista to amaze me. I believe I took over 300 pictures on that hike alone--and another 300 around San Luis later in the day. Gotta love digital--I just click away like there's no tomorrow and see what I got at the end of the day. Check out some of the better pics on my Flickr photostream.

The photo here is of a sign I saw in a storefront window in downtown SLO. I always like to know a little something about the constuction of a buidling before I enter. Not a warning you see very often--I suppose that's a good thing.


Blogger jsmith74  said...

SLO is beautiful town. Spent some time there too when I was on vacation this year. I really enjoy the smaller towns in California. And that area is just so beautiful.

Thursday, December 30, 2004  

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