This is the new camera I'm dying to get my hands on--the Konica Minolta Maxxum 7D. It looks to be the latest and greatest in DSLR.

Minolta Maxxum 7D

I started out in photography about two years ago with the Minolta QTsi (bad choice), then the STsi (better) and now the Maxxum 5 (great camera). But of course, lately all I shoot is my little Fuji Finepix A2650 (2 megapixels) point-and-shoot. It's just too easy, fast and cheap to deal with film anymore. But I need the controls and flexibility of an SLR. And since I already have several lenses, flashes, etc for the Minolta system, I just can't see switching over to the Nikon D70 or some other reasonably priced DSLR. I guess I'll just have to wait 'till the Maxxum 7D comes down in price--or better yet, wait 'till I get a real job.