Just bought an iPod mini (4GB hard drive) at Best Buy. So far I love it, but the iTunes software was a huge pain in the ass. Not knowing anything about it, I just installed what came in the box, only to find out it made it impossible to use Musicmatch to trasnfer music. After googling a bit, I was able to fix the problem, but it was not fun. I had to uninstall iTunes, uninstall the iPod updater AND uninstall Musicmatch. Then I had to reinstall Musicmatch and a Musicmatch plug-in for the iPod. Now it works fine. Moral of the story--Apple sucks. In the process of googling the problem, I read a fair amount of criticism of Musicmatch. I like the program--tons of music to listen to on demand or purchase on the cheap. Anyway, now I'm furiously burning CDs to transfer to the iPod.